Traditional Vietnamese dishes: Banh

Banh tom


Banh xeo


Banh xeo is a flat pan-fried cake made of rice flour with turmeric, shrimps with shells on, slivers of fatty pork, sliced onions, bean sprouts and mushrooms, fried in oil. It is eaten with lettuce and various local herbs and dipped in  sweet and sour fish sauce. Sometimes , banh xeo are wrapped in rice papers together with the accompanying vegetables for diffrent flavor.

Banh bot loc

banh bot loc

Banh bot loc a kind of cake (cake in vietnamese is banh/ bánh) The  ingredients of this bot loc cake simply are filtered cassava flour (filtered flour made from cassava root), wood ears, shrimps and a few other spices of the garden. The best shrimp for this cake are small shrimps at the estuary of the rivers, has both tastes of the river and the sea. 

Banh cuon


Steam rice flour in sheet shape rolls stuffed with prawns, ground pork, and wood ear mushroom, they are eaten in a variety of ways with many side dishes, including “cha” (a kind of sausage).

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