Kinds of noodles in Vietnamese noodle soups

Pho (pho noodle soup with meat) is a famous Vietnamese dish. In addition, some other kinds of noodle in Vietnamese food are well known and be loved by eater who likes vietnamese cuisine. One of the main ingredients of vietnamese noodle soups is noodles. Following are some major kinds of noodles in Vietnamese food:

Pho (phở noodles)



Bun ( bún)



On the left is big bun noodle for bun bo Hue (Hue style noodle with beef and pork), the small is on the right for some kinds of noodle soups such as bun rieu, bun dau, bun thang, …

Banh da (bánh đa noodle)



Banh da noodle has two categories: Red (bánh đa đỏ – brown color as in picture) and White banh da (bánh đa trắng – white color)


Mien (vermicelli)


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